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Used Machinery Warranty

Quality cover for your machine

This Warranty scheme offers you 400 hours or 120 days cover (whichever the sooner) on all warranted components on a 50/50 basis. This scheme only applies to tractors and handlers for all other machinery please contact your local Lister Wilder branch for further details.

Warranted Components

The following parts and components of the engine and power train, as listed below, are covered during the warranty period:

Internal components including blocks, liners, cylinder head gasket, valves, pistons and piston rings, gudgeon pins, connecting rods, small and big end bearings, crankshaft, main bearings and thrust bearings, timing gears, camshaft, push rods, tappets, pumps including injection, fuel, hydraulic, oil pressure internal seals. Damage caused to other parts due to failure of the above.

Converter assembly, pump assembly, drive plate, drive hub, input shaft, distributor, modulation valve, reverse clutch, forward clutch, shafts, gears, bearings, thrust washers, seals, dump valve assembly.

Gearbox, Shuttle Box, 4WD and Final Drive Assemblies
Internal components including: gears, shafts, bearings, valves, selectors, speed shift unit components, drive plates and internal seals.

Power Take-Off
PTO clutch brake, bearings and gears.

Drive Axles
Internal components including: crown wheel and pinion, differential and differential lock mechanism, drive shafts, reduction gears, half shaft, bearings, internal seals, centre housing, hub assembly, pinions.

Pumps, motors and relief valves.

Solenoids, transmission management units, air conditioning, air compressors, radio/CD player, batteries, working lights, road lights, machine management computers, alternators, starter motors, fuses and wiring.
  • 400 hours

  • 4 months

  • 100+ point

  • Peace of mind

Warranty Exclusions

Components outside the engine and drive train are not covered under this warranty; they include but are not limited to the following:
Cooling System
Pumps, drive belts, hoses and tubes.

Drive Clutch and Steering Clutches
Pressure plates, friction plates.

Gearbox, Shuttle Box, 4WD, Final Drives
Failure due to contaminants.

Brake drums, discs, shoes/pads.
Failure due to contamination, hoses, pipes.

Fuel System Components
Any component failure caused by contaminated fuel will invalidate warranty cover.

Belts and Filters
All belts and filters.
Chassis/Loader Frames
Any wearing parts or ground engaging parts, buckets, blades and linkages.

Wheels and Tyres


Pins, bushes and wear pads.

Air conditioning system and gas

The unit must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Failure to adhere to manufacturer’s recommended service schedule will invalidate the policy. The only acceptable proof of servicing is the detailed invoice which shows the date of the parts used for the service or the up to date service records. This warranty may be invalidated in the following circumstances:

a) If you have used the machinery to perform tasks beyond the design and strength limitations of the product

b) If you have carried out any modifications to the machinery yourself, which have not been approved by the manufacturer

c) Abnormal conditions of use

General Conditions

You are not entitled under this warranty to recover accidental or consequential damages, including rental or replacement, loss of profit or other commercial loss.

This policy is effective within mainland UK and covers the traveling of our engineers within a 50 mile radius of any Lister Wilder branch. Beyond this distance, the travel time will be charged at our standard retail rate. Alternatively, you can make arrangements for the machine to be delivered to your nearest Lister Wilder branch but this must be done at your expense.

This warranty is given in addition to any rights you may have against ourselves and does not affect or restrict any rights you may have under the Sale of Goods Act.

This warranty is in accordance with our standard terms and conditions of business – a copy of which is available upon request.

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